Born in Hamburg, the architect and architectural historian Gottfried Semper was professor of architecture at the...
Gottfried Semper

* 29. Nov 1803, † 15. May 1879

The younger Napoleon was the first legitimate son of Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife Archduchess Marie Louise. Although...
Napoleon Franz Bonaparte
Duke of Reichstadt

After the victory over Napoleon the leading European powers negotiated a new political order at the Congress of...

The Congress of Vienna, 1814/15

18. Sep 1814–09. Jun 1815

Johann Strauss II followed in his father’s footsteps as a conductor and composer. He raised the dance music of the...
Johann Strauss II

* 25. Oct 1825, † 03. Jun 1899

During the reign of Pedro II (1849–1889), Brazil enjoyed decades of peace, and, still more importantly, of technical...
Pedro II
Emperor of Brazil
A native of Vienna, Karl von Hasenauer was a pupil of the architects August Sicard von Sicardsburg (1813–1868) and...
Karl von Hasenauer

* 20. Jul 1833, † 04. Jan 1894