Facts & Figures

Commissioned by

Schloss Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H., 1130 Vienna


2008 – 2010


The project team comprised 18 members over the entire project phase, and a further 10 persons were involved with it at various stages.

Project budget

600,000 Euro

Number of themes

ca. 90

Number of chapters

ca. 570

Number of illustrations

ca. 1400

Sources of pictures

Without the generous support of numerous institutions who lent us pictorial material, it would not have been possible to implement this project. We thank all the institutions for their support, above all the Bundesmobilienverwaltung, the Kunsthistorisches Museum, the Wien Museum, the Technisches Museum and the Haus-, Hof- und Staatsarchiv.

To the partners

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Frontend technology (Adobe Flash Version):

Adobe Flash / Actionscript 3 for Flash Player 10