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The Habsburg dynasty

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The Babenberg Legacy


The beginning of this epoch is marked by conflict between two kings: Rudolf I, crowned in 1273 as the first Roman-German king of the Habsburg dynasty, and Ottokar II Přemysl , King of Bohemia, who...

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Building the Power Base


During the course of the fourteenth century the Habsburgs slowly establish their power base. Having inherited the Duchy of Carinthia in 1335, they assume dominion over Tyrol in 1363. Using the...

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The Rise to Great Power Status


In 1477 Charles the Bold of Burgundy falls in battle and his heir and daughter Mary subsequently marries the future emperor Maximilian I. The acquisition of Burgundy, one of the most prosperous...

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The Age of Confessional Division


Religious schisms convulse Western Christianity and change European society profoundly. Confessional affiliation becomes a political issue, determining the relationship between countries as well as...

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Baroque Austria


This is the age of magnificent courtly display. Under Leopold I work starts on the rebuilding of Schönbrunn Palace and on additions to the Hofburg in Vienna. At the same time the era is marked by...

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Enlightened Absolutism


Informed by the ideas of the Enlightenment, the state is reorganized on rational principles to further the welfare of its subjects. Under the rule of Maria Theresa and her son Joseph II reforms are...

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A time of violent convulsions: the French Revolution sends shockwaves across Europe, Napoleon changes the political map of Europe for good and the Austrian Empire rises from the ashes of the Holy...

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National Conflicts


The nationalist movements in various parts of Europe herald an era of change for the Habsburg Monarchy – northern Italy is lost, autonomy conceded to Hungary and absolute rule transforms itself into...

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Decline and Fall


The Austrian writer Karl Kraus called the Great War the Last Days of Mankind. Triggered by the assassination of the heir to the Austrian throne and Austria-Hungary's declaration of war on Serbia, it...

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In the fourteenth century swarms of locusts, an earthquake and heavy rainfall led to numerous famines. In the middle of ...

Most viewed Habsburgs

Maria Theresa was the most important ruler of the age of Enlightened Absolutism and one of the most famous Habsburgs...
Maria Theresa
Queen of Bohemia and Hungary
With his policies of war and marriage, Emperor Maximilian I laid the foundations upon which the Habsburgs rose to...
Maximilian I, 'the last knight'
Roman-German Emperor
Karl became the heir to the throne after the death of his uncle Franz Ferdinand in 1914, and emperor following the...
Karl I
Emperor of Austria
Joseph II is one of the best-known representatives of Enlightened Absolutism. As a monarch he was indebted to the ideas...
Joseph II
Roman-German Emperor
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