Welcome to the “The World of the Habsburgs” –  a virtual exhibition showcasing the history of the Habsburgs and their times.


The Habsburg dynasty: Here you can read potted biographies, examine portraits from seven centuries and dip into the historical contexts of past epochs.



Select a period in Habsburg history, from the beginnings of Habsburg rule in the Middle Ages to the collapse of the Monarchy during the First World War.



The map shows the territorial development of the Habsburg Monarchy as it evolved into a sprawling, geographically fragmented empire.


Genealogical Table

Monarchical rule was legitimized by descent. The classic form of representing these relationships is the genealogical table or family tree.


The multimedia maps, family tree, media centre and navigable timeline provide interactive access to the contents. The text version provides the “classical” text access


All the members of the Habsburg dynasty. Read biographical notes and explore the historical context.


Journey through the different epochs of Habsburg history from the Middle Ages to the First World War.

Persons, places and events

Explore people, events, objects and locations connected with Habsburg history and learn more about their historical context.


Choose from various themes to access and explore the history of the Habsburg Monarchy, for example ‚work‘, ‚love‘ or ‚death‘.