Zita married the future emperor Karl I in 1911. Their eldest son was Otto Habsburg-Lorraine. Zita had a great influence...
Zita of Bourbon-Parma
Empress of Austria
William’s life was marked by conflicts with his relatives: the eldest son of Duke Leopold III , he initially shared...
William ‘the Ambitious’
Duke of Austria
The daughter of King Maximilian I of Bavaria, Sophie married Archduke Franz Karl, the brother of Emperor Ferdinand I in...
Sophie of Bavaria
Archduchess of Austria
Following the death of his father, Duke Frederick IV , Sigismund (also called Siegmund) became a ward of his cousin,...
Sigismund ‘the Rich in Coin’
Duke of Austria
As the younger brother of Ferdinand Karl of Tyrol, Sigismund Franz was originally intended for the Church. However, he...
Sigismund Franz
Archduke of Austria-Tyrol
Duke Rudolf IV was the most influential Habsburg of the fourteenth century. Despite his short life of only twenty-six...
Rudolf IV, ‘the Founder’
Duke of Austria
Rudolf II had grown up in Spain. After his accession to the throne he moved his residence from Vienna to Prague, which...
Rudolf II
Roman-German Emperor
Count Rudolf of Habsburg was the first Habsburg on the throne of the Holy Roman Empire. With him, the Habsburgs moved...
Rudolf I
Roman-German King
Crown Prince Rudolf epitomizes the tragedy of the declining Monarchy. With his progressive ideas, so unlike those of...
Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary
His reign represented an epoch of cultural brilliance for Spain in the latter years of the ‘Golden Age’, but also...
Philip IV
King of Spain
During his reign Spain was still one of the dominant powers in Europe, a position maintained only through enormous...
Philip III
King of Spain
Philip succeeded his father as king of Spain, which at the time also encompassed the Burgundian patrimony, domains in...
Philip II
King of Spain
Philip was the son of Emperor Maximilian I. He was married to the Spanish infanta Juana (Joan) in a double wedding in...
Philip I, 'the Fair'
King of Castile
Otto was the eldest son of the last Emperor and Empress of Austria, Karl und Zita, and is thus referred to as the last...
Otto Habsburg-Lothringen

* 20. Nov 1912, † 04. Jul 2011

Known popularly as the ‘handsome archduke’, Otto owed his notoriety to his philandering, scandal-ridden lifestyle...
Archduke of Austria
Maximilian II stands out among the otherwise strictly Catholic Habsburgs: he was sympathetic to Protestantism – a...
Maximilian II
Roman-German Emperor
With his policies of war and marriage, Emperor Maximilian I laid the foundations upon which the Habsburgs rose to...
Maximilian I, 'the last knight'
Roman-German Emperor
Matthias had high political ambitions which brought him into conflict with his brother, Emperor Rudolf II . Following...
Roman-German Emperor
Archduchess Marie Louise, the eldest daughter of Emperor Franz II (I), was married to the French emperor Napoleon...
Marie Louise
Duchess of Parma
Marie Christine, Maria Theresa’s favourite daughter, was allowed to marry the husband of her choice, Albert of Saxony-...
Marie Christine
Archduchess of Austria
Marie Antoinette, Maria Theresa’s youngest daughter, was married to the heir to the French throne, the future Louis XVI...
Marie Antoinette
Queen of France
Maria Theresa was the most important ruler of the age of Enlightened Absolutism and one of the most famous Habsburgs...
Maria Theresa
Queen of Bohemia and Hungary
Archduchess Maria Josepha of Austria was the daughter of Emperor Joseph I. In 1719 she married the son of Augustus the...
Maria Josepha
Archduchess of Austria
Margarita Teresa, from the Spanish Habsburg line, was the first wife of her uncle, Leopold I. Their union had been...
Margarita Teresa of Spain

* 1651, † 1673