Vienna University of Technology Library

The Vienna University of Technology Library was founded in 1815 and provides a service for its readers with more than 1 million books and numerous specialist journals and periodicals (approx. 1500 in printed form and approx. 25,000 e-journals and ebooks accessible throughout the TU). The library service is structured into the main library, several specialist libraries and numerous departments in the Vienna Institutes of Technology. The major part of the literature is in the open-access area and available without reservation formalities. The focus is on scientific and technical literature, but their related subjects are plentifully represented as well In addition, a “digital library” " is available on every computer on the campus of the Vienna University of Technology, containing thousands of electronic full texts accessible via databases, e-journals and ebooks. The textbook library contains multiple copies of major introductory works on the subjects taught at the TU (approx. 20,000 volumes). The main library has a reading room with 700 places and group workplaces.


Vienna University of Technology Library
Resselgasse 4
1040 Vienna
Fax: +43-1-58801-44099