Folklore Museum | Monatsschlössl Hellbrunn

The Hellbrunn Monatsschlössl –built in 1615 purportedly within the period of one month as a hunting lodge for Archbishop Markus Sittikus (1612–1619) – has since 1924 housed the folklore exhibitions of the Salzburg Museum. It offers a comprehensive view into traditional Salzburg folk culture, focusing on folk piety, folk painting on glass, furniture, ceramics and traditional dress, folk music and customs. Taking pride of place among the highlights of the Folklore Museum are the fine examples of traditional ornamental rustic furniture and historic masks. An annually changing special exhibition is held in the summer months.

Opening hours

April to October (closed in winter)

daily 10 am - 5.30 pm


Folklore Museum | Monatsschlössl Hellbrunn
Monatsschlössl Hellbrunn
5020 Salzburg