Graz 1477–1648

Lying on the River Mur, the capital of the federal province of Styria is dominated by the Schlossberg, where there has been a fortress since medieval times. The city owes its name to the latter, ‘Graz’ being derived from gradec, the Slav word for fortress or castle.
Between 1379 and 1463 and again from 1564 to 1619, Graz was the residence of a collateral line of the Habsburg dynasty, a circumstance to which the city owes a number of important architectural monuments.
A Habsburg closely associated with Graz and Styria was Archduke Johann (1782-1859), who fostered the economic and cultural development of the city. The Landesmuseum in Graz, which was started on his initiative, is called the Joanneum in his honour.


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