Duke Leopold I: marriage and offspring

Duke Leopold I and his wife, lithograph, 1820

Duke Leopold I had no male offspring, with the result that no sovereign line developed.

Duke Leopold I and his wife, lithograph, 1820

Leopold was married to Catherine of Savoy (c. 1298–1336). Concluded in 1315, the union was part of the policy of rapprochement with the House of Luxembourg, as Catherine’s mother was a niece of King Henry VII’s wife.

The marriage resulted in two daughters, whose dates of birth are unknown.

Catherine (d. 1349) was married off by her uncle and guardian Albrecht II to Enguerrand VI, Lord of Coucy, a French nobleman. After his death she caused a stir by marrying for love without the permission of the head of the family. Her second husband was Konrad II, Count of Hardegg.

Agnes (d. 1392) was married to Bolko II, Duke of Świdnica and Jawor in Silesia, who was from a cadet branch of the Polish Piast dynasty. After the death of her husband in 1368 she assumed the regency in the territories, ruling them for a considerable period of time.

Martin Mutschlechner